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Октябрь 23, 2018

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Маршрутизаторы входа сотовой сети с функцией мониторинга и краевого вычисления

IMON300-UMTS – это маршрутизатор UMTS / HSPA для мониторинга Siemens LOGO! mocro контроллеров и устройств Modbus TCP / RTU. Контролируемые значения состояния могут запускать действия с использованием гибких логических комбинаций свободно выбираемых элементов, например, запуска / остановки управления. Пользовательские SMS-сообщения или электронные письма с фактическими значениями могут отправляться автоматически.

В IMON300-GPRS интегрирован веб-сервер. Это для конфигурации и отправки статуса выбранных значений и регистров. Это также возможно с помощью удаленного доступа. Встроенная система Linux в безопасной среде песочницы доступна для собственных приложений пользователя.

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Product information “Alarm router IMON300-UMTS”

Cellular VPN entry routers with monitoring and edge computing function

The IMON300-UMTS is an UMTS/HSPA router for monitoring Siemens LOGO! mocro controllers and Modbus TCP/RTU devices. Monitored status values can trigger actions using flexible, logic combinations of freely selectable elements, e.g. starting/stopping the control. User-configurable SMS or e-mails with actual values can be sent autonatically.

In the IMON300-GPRS a webserver is integrated. This is for configuration and dispaying the status of selected values and registers. This is also possible via remote access. The embedded Linux system in a safe sandbox environment is available for own applications of the user.

Product highlights
  • 3G fault monitor with VPN functionality
  • Monitoring of I/Os and Siemens LOGO!TM and Modbus TCP/RTU devices
  • Alarming via SMS and e-mail
  • Visualising monitored values and registers
  • 1 LAN interface
  • 2 serial interfaces (RS232/RS485)
  • 2 x 2 digital inputs and outputs
  • Open for own applications (Linux sandbox)
  • Quick start for DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service
  • Optional monitoring package for Siemens S7
Cellular radio


3G: 900/2100, 2G: 900/1800 MHz

Usable data rate

Up to 921.6 kbit/s (DL, UL)


UMTS/HSPA, GPRS/EDGE Class 12, GSM CSD (incoming and outgoing),
SMS (incoming and outgoing)


SMA connector


1 slot for Mini-SIM (1.8 V or 3.0 V)



Dial-in, dial-out, callback, connection management, DHCP server,
Full NAT (port forwarding, netmapping), DNS relay, dynDNS support, SNMP
NTP client and server, buffered real-time clock
Security OpenVPN (client and server), IPsec, PPTP, Firewall, 10 user for dial-in,
authentication via PAP/CHAP/MS-CHAP/MS-CHAP 2, dial filters for dial-out,
link loss detection, failed login detection, GRE
LAN 1x Ethernet RJ45 (10/100 Mbps, MDI/MDI-X, auto bauding)
System messages Message via SMS, e-mail and SNMP about start, connection establishment, VPN tunnel,
SMS receipt, automatic update
Serial interface
RS232 1 x RS232/D-SUB-9(f): Serial-Ethernet gateway (incoming and outgoing connections, Modbus TCP/RTU gateway, modem emulation) or connector for a Siemens LOGO!™ connection cable
1 x RS232 half-duplex, RX/TX, plug-in screw terminal
(either RS485 or RS232 half-duplex can be used)
RS485 D+ and D-, plug-in screw terminal
Router Web interface local and remote, text and binary file, automatic updates
Monitoring Web interface local and remote, mySQL database
Digital inputs 2x via plug-in screw terminal, activated by connection to GND
Digital outputs 2x via pluggable screw terminal, potential-free change-over relay
Programming User access to embedded Linux (sandbox), 150 MB permanent memory,
Socket access, example programs: e-mail and SMS client, serial logger, etc.
Voltage 12 .. 24 V DC (+/- 20%)
Power consumption approx. 1 W (logged in), max. 3 W (data transmission)
Physical features
Assembly DIN rail
Size (WxDxH) 106 mm x 62 mm x 90 mm
Operating temperature -30…+70 °C
-30…+80 °C
under restricted conditions (refer to www.insys-icom.de/restricte
Humidity 0 .. 95% (non-condensing)
Approvals & Standards CE, R&TTE (standards: EN 55022 Class B, EN 55024, EN 301489-1, EN 301489-7,
Monitoring elements 2 digital inputs, timers, incoming SMS, internal flags
Monitoring of objects of the LOGO! 0BA4 through0BA7 Inputs, flags, outputs, communication status, digital shift registers,
function and cursor keys, function blocks, program status
Monitoring of objects of the LOGO! 0BA8 Inputs, flags, outputs, communication status, VM parameters
Monitoring of Modbus registers TCP, RTU
Variable combination of the elements in logic functions AND, OR, NOR, NAND, XOR
Actions Starting/stopping LOGO!™ 0BA4 through 0BA7, writing (monitored) LOGO!™ 0BA8 objects,
writing Modbus registers, switching digital outputs, http call, starting timers, dispatching
Messages SMS, E-mail: Freely configurable text, also actual values from monitored elements
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