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Ноябрь 15, 2018

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VPN-маршрутизатор со встроенным интерфейсом LAN для безопасного удаленного обслуживания через существующее интернет-соединение или DSL-модем (PPPoE)

EBW100-LAN – это промышленный маршрутизатор VPN, который может быть установлен на рейке. Вместе с существующим подключением к Интернету через сеть или DSL-модем он может использоваться для реализации безопасных удаленных подключений к вашим машинам. Поддерживая OpenVPN, зашифрованное и безопасное удаленное соединение устанавливается через небезопасный Интернет. Кроме того, брандмауэр предотвращает несанкционированный доступ к подключенным сетям. Используя наш VPN-портал DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service, вы можете очень легко настроить дистанционное обслуживание.

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Product highlights

Industrial ethernet router
Professional IP routing
Comprehensive security: Firewall, VPN, SNMP
integrated Linux programming environment (INSYS-Sandbox)
Easy consistent concept of operation
Well-proven INSYS operating system
Quick start for DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service

Product information “EBW100-LAN”

VPN router with integrated LAN interface for a secure remote maintenance via an existing Internet connection or DSL modem (PPPoE)

The EBW100-LAN is an industrial-suited VPN router that can be mounted on a top-hat rail. Together with an existing Internet connection via network or a DSL modem, it can be used to realize secure remote connections to your machines. Supporting OpenVPN, an encrypted and secure remote connection is established via the insecure Internet. Furthermore, a firewall prevents unauthorized accesses to the connected networks. By using our VPN portal DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service you can very easily setup your remote maintenance.

Perfect fields of application

The Monitoring-App extend your VPN router to an efficient fault indicating and monitoring system for S7- and Logo-PLCs. You get E-Mail messages about events inside your PLC.
For the secure remote access through the Internet to Ethernet devices via TCP/IP Connecting S7-PLCs and HMI devices with Ethernet interface directly via TCP/IP
Connecting S7-PLCs and HMI devices with MPI/PROFIBUS/PPI interface using the communication adaptor ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact
Connecting S5-PLCs with TTY interface using the communication adaptor ACCON-S5-LAN

Convincing and varied

In order to simply use a secure VPN connection, we have setup the VPN portal DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service for you. Of course, you can use other VPN portals or your own VPN server.

Technical highlights

Establishing a connection via existing network or DSL modem
Remote access to Ethernet devices or machines incl. HMI
Access to MPI/PROFIBUS/PPI or S5 with communication adaptor possible
2 integrated LAN interfaces
Supporting OpenVPN
Secure remote maintenance via Internet
Simple configuration via web interface

You need further functions?

Get to know the well-proven “VPN router MoRoS-LAN”. This router additionally provides you with the following features:5 LAN ports (4-port switch for the local network, 1 port for external connection)
Linux sandbox: Use Linux applications within the router
Redundant internet connection: connection of a 56k modem possible
Digital I/Os allow for e. g. connection management and message transmission

Technical Details



IPv4/IPv6 router, connection management, DHCP server and client, Full NAT
(IP forwarding, port forwarding, netmapping), DNS relay, dynDNS support,
PPPoE for ADSL modem via LAN (ext), Dial-in, dial-out, callback
Security OpenVPN (client and server), IPsec (ESP normal/aggressive mode), GRE, PPTP, stateful firewall and MAC filters, RADIUS authentication, 10 users for dial-in, authentication via PAP/CHAP/MS-CHAP/MS-CHAP 2, dial filter for dial-out, Linkloss Detection, Failed Login Detection, no backdoor
Redundancy LAN ext. port for external DSL modem, 2 dial-out targets, 2 OpenVPN servers
Connection stability Connection monitoring on several levels, hardware watchdog
Configuration Local and remote web interface (http, https), command line interface (CLI), Telnet, SSH,
ASCII and binary file (also for backup), quick start for ICS
Menu languages: German, English, French
Indications (LEDs) Connection status, data/signal, device status/VPN, power, switch ports
Diagnosis Comprehensive log files, support package, integrated help functions, Diagnosis tools: ping, tcpdump, traceroute, DNS lookup
Customer-specific programming environment User access to embedded Linux (sandbox), 150 MB permanent memory,
socket access, example programs: e-mail and SMS client, serial logger, etc.
Messages Hardware watchdog, system messages via e-mail, SMS (only EBW-H and EBW-WH),
SNMP traps, SNMP V1/V2c/V3
Additional features NTP client and server, buffered real-time clock, optional monitoring packages
Updates Update of firmware and configuration (local and remote), daily auto update via server (http, ftp)
Additional function PPPoE for ADSL modem via LAN (ext)
Power consumption (during connection) Approx. 2 W
Operating temperature -30…+70 °C
-30…+85 °C under restricted conditions (refer to www.insys-icom.com/restricted)
Enviromental conditions
Power supply 10 … 48 V DC (±20%)
Humidity 0…95% (non-condensing)
Mounting / protection class DIN rail mounting / housing: IP40, terminals: IP20
Certifications CE, IC und FCC part 15 class A
Applied standards Abstrahlung: EN 55022 Class B, EN 61000-6-3
Störfestigkeit: EN 55024, EN 61000-6-2
Sicherheit: EN 60950-1
Dimensions (WxHxD) 45 x 70 x 110 mm (2,6 HP)
Monitoring App (monitoring function)
Monitoring elements  Timer, internal flags
Logical combination of the elements AND, OR, NOR, NAND, XOR
Actions Message dispatch, http call, timer start, upload to Cumulocity cloud, Telekom “Cloud der Dinge”: Central and easy visualisation of measurements, events and alarms
Messages SMS, e-mail: Freely configurable text, also actual values from monitored elements
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